Table of Contents

  1. 1.The Power of Love — Introduction

  2. 2.Meet the Gender Transpositions — Erotic subtypes discussed in the book

  3. 3.Sexual Arousal: Ten Unsolved Problems — such as the “pseudo-lesbian porn puzzle”, or the “exhibitionism puzzle”

  4. 4.The S*x Taboo — and how it cripples our society

  5. 5.Reality or Social Construction? — Are things like “homosexuality” real, or
    just constructed by society?

  6. 6.Limerence, Lust, and Bisexuality: A New Theory — of types of attraction. This theory explains how someone might “fall in lust” with one sex but only
    “fall in love” with the other sex.

  7. 7.The Periodic-Table Model — How the gender transpositions can be arranged

  8. 8.Plethysmography — Direct genital measurement as an amazing and insightful scientific technique

  9. 9.Families of Origin: Sissies, Tomboys, Brothers, Sisters — How sexual preferences are related to childhood personality traits and parental caring patterns

  10. 10.Soft Science, Hard Knocks: When Sex and Violence Mix — How can something as wonderful as love sometimes get connected to pain and suffering?

  11. 11.Courtship Theory — The secret ways women attract men, and why men don’t know about them

  12. 12. Homosexuality in Animals — Gay or bisexual animals? Why not?!??

  13. 13.Sociobiology and the Gender Transpositions — How evolution explains homosexuality, transsexualism, and other non-reproductive behaviors

  14. 14.The Big Picture — Solving the ten problems from chapter 3

  15. 15.Conclusions — Why responsible openness about sex is vital to society

  16. 16.References

  17. 17.IndexThe index page numbers do point accurately to page numbers in this new edition.