How to Order


The printed version of Sexual Landscapes is available in several locations:

  1. BulletThe original hardcover version published by Scribners might be available, used, on (ISBN 0-684-18705-1).

  2. BulletThe reissued and corrected* paperback, published by CreateSpace in 2012 (ISBN 1-4783-4724-4), is available:

  3. BulletOn

  4. BulletOn the CreateSpace eStore

  5. BulletVia special order at your local bookstore

The electronic version is currently being prepared:

  1. BulletThe version in PDF format* (suitable for full-sized tablets such as the iPad) is expected to be available online in October, 2012.

  2. BulletThe version in Kindle and eBook format is expected to be available by December, 2012.

  3. BulletIf you are a teacher and would like to make one or a few chapters of the book available to your students for a reader or online, please contact the author at Such electronic abridgments are very affordably priced.

  4. * These versions are page-by-page, line-by-line identical to the
    original printed version (except for corrections), complete with index.