About the Book

The power of love is (as the Huey Lewis song says) a curious thing. Rock stars sing about it, comedians tell jokes about it, and just about every advice columnist writes about it. Scientifically, however, just how curious love is, is still an open question. “Love” is a four-letter word to many people—and “sex” is the shortest four-letter word of all. Society builds taboos around these words, but there’s no denying that love and sex are spectacular.

This is a book about sex: typical and atypical, loving and lustful, sensible and ridiculous. Sexual Landscapes takes on the most challenging puzzles of human sexuality and incorporates the latest scientific research, experts’ theories, and the author’s own work to explain them.

Why are we attracted to the people we love? Why are we hetero-, homo-, bi-, or transsexual? Who’s controlling the communication when a man and a woman meet for the first time? Why do there seem to be more gay men than gay women? More bisexual women than bisexual men? Why do men and women say they’re aroused by different things, but when tested with actual erotica, appear to be aroused by the same things? Does homosexuality run in families? How do things as delightful as sex and love become intertwined with pain and violence? Why are we afraid to educate our children about sex? Dr. Weinrich challenges our assumptions and popular taboos as he presents the results of fascinating research and controversial theories about why we love and lust.

Sexual Landscapes is a provocative, challenging guided tour of our sexual selves that will delight, inform, and instruct.